Beta Test:  3 FREE Enrollees

$5,000 Value Per Winner

Beta Test in Session January 9th

Info Regarding Fall 2021 Official Launch to Come

Program Package Includes:

  • 15 hours of personalized, one-on-one health coaching telephone calls with me, a board certified health coach who will always keep your MTHFR variant in mind

  • Dropbox access to recordings of coaching calls

  • 15 weeks of exclusive, supplemental reading on a wide variety of topics related to the MTHFR mutation, holistic health practices, and healthy living (see full schedule attached below)

  • Weekly quiz to encourage comprehension of concepts

  • Weekly "MTHFR Challenge" to put concepts into practice and spark transformation

  • Handy printouts

  • Unlimited email communication

  • Exclusive 10% discount on Seeking Health supplements for duration for program

  • Certificate of completion

  • Free Hey MTHFR Academy© t-shirt

Program Format:

  • 16 week program (1 week of "spring break")

  • One 60 minute coaching telephone call per week (15 total)

  • One "rain check" coaching call permitted

  • Supplemental reading, quizzes, and MTHFR challenges can be accessed online, with the creation of a student profile

  • Coaching calls can correspond with each week's content, but the direction is flexible. This is your journey and I'm here to guide and assist you, while providing accountability.

  • Content made available on Saturday at 7:01PM (EST) of each week

  • Spring Session beta test begins January 9, 2021

  • Official Hey MTHFR Academy© launch will be Fall 2021

  • Hey MTHFR Academy© will be open for Spring and Fall sessions each year

  • Very limited number of spots will be available each session to ensure high quality attention and focus from me and value for clients

Who Should Enroll:

  • Those who are serious and committed to making long-term lifestyle change geared towards the MTHFR mutation

  • While this program can be beneficial for anyone wanting to improve their health (even the holistic living veterans), it is ideal for those who are still in process of forging their way to a sustainable MTHFR-friendly lifestyle

  • If you're ready for change, you're ready for Hey MTHFR Academy©!

Hey MTHFR Academy© is designed to be transformative and enriching, but not overwhelming.  You can expect to spend no more than 2-3 hours per week on coaching calls, reading material, quizzes, and challenges.


What a Health Coach Does:

  • Address health in a holistic way

  • Consider many factors that affect well-being, including diet, exercise, products used, environmental toxins, sleep, relationships, and more

  • Recommend supplements to run past naturopathic doctor or functional medicine practitioner prior to use

  • Work through problems that may be holding you back from being your healthiest self

  • Navigate the process of lasting habit change

  • Promote a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, rather than prescribing a highly specific regimen

  • Teach clients to eventually be self-reliant through creating long-term, sustainable lifestyle change

At Hey MTHFR Academy©, all of these avenues are navigated with specificity to the MTHFR mutation and its unique needs.


What a Health Coach Does NOT Do:

  • Diagnose or treat disease

  • Prescribe medication

  • Assign specific supplement regimen

  • Order blood work

  • Treat eating disorders or mental illness

It's important to have a professional relationship with a naturopathic doctor or functional medicine practitioner while enrolled in Hey MTHFR Academy©.  In conjunction, these forces come together to create very powerful and transformative change!

(Beta Test - Spring Session 2021)

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