3 Under-Rated Folate Rich Foods

We all know that dark leafy greens like spinach are packed with folate and super healthy for a MTHFR. However, there are some other foods that also pack a strong folate punch (some even stronger than spinach), that you may be overlooking. Don't ever stop eating your dark leafy greens, but also don't forget about these 3 folate-rich foods to switch things up!

For reference, spinach contains roughly 100mcg of folate in one cup.


Did you know that cooked lentils contain 358mcg of folate per 1 cup serving? That means that lentils are actually over three times more folate-rich than spinach! Those who are sensitive to foods in the legume family may have trouble with lentils, but it's an extremely healthy food for those who can tolerate it. Lentils are also rich in protein, fiber, iron, and manganese, amongst other vitamins and minerals. While not a low calorie food, they're certainly nutrient dense a food winner, for sure, in MTHFR world.


Asparagus clocks in at an impressive 134mcg of folate per 1 cup serving. If you can get past having some funky smelling urine for a little bit, asparagus is an extremely healthy folate-rich vegetable. This low calorie veggie is also rich in vitamin K, amongst other nutrients. While perhaps not an every-day kind of vegetable due to its smell-inducing effects, it certainly is a great folate-rich food to switch things up from your usual dark leafy greens.


Edamame are green soybeans. Now a word of a caution on this one...consuming excessive soy can be damaging to thyroid health, so it's not advisable to eat this one super regularly. However, when you're in the mood to spice things up, edamame brings a whopping 482mcg of folate per 1 cup serving to the dinner table! This actually makes edamame the folate heavy weight champion. However, as I explained, there are other factors to take into consideration, so don't go hog wild and start eating edamame all day long! On the occasions you do, you can expect to be eating a food that is also rich in protein, fiber, and magnesium.

What are your favorite folate-rich foods that aren't the typical dark leafy greens? Tell us about it!

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