Baking Soda and Vinegar: All a MTHFR Needs

...Well maybe not all a MTHFR needs (we're a pretty needy bunch), but you get the idea. I wrote a blog post several months ago about the importance of avoiding cleaning products that use toxic chemicals. This is especially important for people with the MTHFR mutation who are especially susceptible to falling ill due to a compromised ability to flush toxins from their bodies. In that blog post, I outlined some solid, clean brands to check out. In this post, I want to shine the spotlight on the wonders of good ol' fashioned baking soda and vinegar, both individually and as a dynamic duo.

I recently spoke to a friend who reluctantly gave baking soda and vinegar a shot in her cleaning routine. She was reluctant because, while she loved the idea of using something that's healthy, eco-friendly, and inexpensive, she had her doubts that it would truly do it's job. She just couldn't settle for something that left things feeling grimy, despite all its benefits. Well, needless to say, she was raving about how her shock at just how well her little concoction really did work!

Baking soda has a variety of cleaning purposes on its own or mixed with water. Some examples include:

-Floor polisher

-Microwave cleaner

-Dishwasher assister

-Shower curtain cleaner

-Trash can deodorizer

-Etc. etc. etc.

Vinegar is also a great standalone cleaning solution, either at full strength or diluted with water. Some ways it can come in handy include:

-Window cleaner

-Weed killer

-Floor cleaner

-Dish polisher

-Pet urine sanitizer

-Etc. etc. etc.

When combined in a ratio of 2:1 (2 parts vinegar and 1 part baking soda), these ingredients come together to form a powerful cleaning concoction that can do just about anything (once the initial fizzle settles)! Some common uses include:

-Drain cleaner

-Hard water stain remover

-Carpet stain vanisher

-Fabric softener

-Dish grime remover

-The list goes on

Well, there you have it. Between vinegar and baking soda, you can pretty much clean your whole house without the toxic chemicals and while on a budget! While there are many great clean brands out there to try, this is a pretty nifty simple and inexpensive alternative.

Have you ever used baking soda and vinegar to clean? Are you a fan? Tell us about it!

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