Every MTHFR Should Use Coconut Oil

Seriously...everyone who has the MTHFR mutation (and, heck, everyone who doesn't), should put coconut oil to use in their lives. Not only is coconut oil one of the healthiest oils to cook with, it boasts roughly a zillion other super handy purposes. In a world where most products off the shelves are packed with harmful chemicals, it always does a MTHFR who struggles to detox efficiently good to use a healthy alternative. Coconut oil is certainly one of the healthiest and most versatile foods out there. Plus, you can purchase an enormous tub of it for a reasonable price. Just be sure to buy the organic virgin kind. Read on for ideas on how to reap its benefits in your life!

-Cooking: Unlike some cooking oils, coconut oil can withstand high temperatures and is suitable for any type of cooking. Plus, it's high in a saturated fat called lauric fatty acid, which mimics unsaturated fat and has a healthy effect on cholesterol.

-Shaving cream: You can ditch conventional shaving cream forever. In my experience, coconut oil leaves skin softer and with less irritation. I personally like the scent as well.

-Eye makeup remover: I haven't used store-bought eye makeup remover in years. A little coconut oil takes off even waterproof eyeliner and mascara quickly, easily, and with no irritation. Plus, it's super moisturizing on the eyes.

-Eye cream: Yep, I follow up my coconut oil eye makeup remover with coconut oil eye cream. Can you tell I really like coconut oil?? I have a homemade concoction of chilled coconut oil and vitamin E that I use daily. I honestly like the way it makes my skin feel far better than any store-bought eye cream I've ever used.

-Sun tan lotion: Some people make their own homemade sunscreen with coconut oil as a main ingredient. I've never tried this one, but have heard many good experiences.

-Oil pulling: Swishing some coconut oil around in your mouth for several minutes is said to have an anti-bacterial effect, combating plaque, decay, and gum disease.

-Hair conditioning: I have to say that I tried this one and didn't like the way it made my hair feel. However, many people swear by it, so maybe it just doesn't agree with my hair texture. Adding some to the ends of your hair after getting out of the shower can act as a sealant for moisture.

-Curbing hunger: A tablespoon of coconut oil can stave off hunger and pack a powerful punch of nutrients. This is due to it being high in medium-chain-triglycerides (MCTs), which tend to decrease caloric intake throughout the day.

-Wood furniture polish: Why use some stinky chemical-filled wood polish when you can use coconut oil? Skip the chemical induced headache and opt for this instead.

-Lip balm: Coconut oil is a great lip moisturizer and can even protect skin against the sun. Plus, it's not addictive like many other chapstick brands.

-Salad dressing base: Coconut oil can serve as a tasty and healthier oil base for many home made salad dressings.

-Wound healing: A little coconut oil can actually speed up wound healing.

And this is just scratching the surface of this wonder food's many uses! Now be a smart MTHFR and try some out :)

Do you love coconut oil? How have you utilized it in your life? Tell us about it!

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