Got Goat Milk?

Many of us in the MTHFR community can not tolerate conventional dairy products well (myself included). However, there are some benefits to dairy, particularly raw dairy, including lots of vitamins, minerals, protein, and the precursors to glutathione. Did you know that goat's milk can provide many of those same benefits, but without the downsides that many of us have unfortunately become accustomed to? If you associate dairy with bloating, cramping, sinus problems, or eczema, you may want to consider giving goat's milk a try.

Lactose intolerance is only one of the reasons that someone may not be able to tolerate dairy. Goat's milk actually does contain slightly less lactose than cow's milk. However, where many people run into problems is with a protein called casein. If Lactaid products do diddly squat for you, then an intolerance to casein is likely where the issue is. Both cow's milk and goat's milk contain casein, so it stands to reason that someone intolerant to casein wouldn't be able to consume either. Right? Well, it's not so cut and dry...

There are different forms of casein and they're not all created equal. Cow's milk contains high amounts of A1 beta-casein, which is notoriously connected to all of the nasty symptoms listed above. Goat's milk, on the other hand, contains little or no A1 beta-casein. Instead, it predominantly offers A2 beta-casein, which is much more easily digestible and does not have the same reputation as its similar but very different cousin. This means that many people who absolutely can not tolerate cow's milk can enjoy goat's milk products without a problem.

Goat's milk also has an edge on cow's milk in several other ways. Some additional advantages include:

-An alkaline effect in the body, whereas cow's milk has an acidic effect

-More short chain fatty acids

-Greater bioavailability of iron

-Slightly lower in cholesterol

-Higher levels of the amino acid glutathione precursors lysine and cysteine

Do you struggle with dairy? Have you ever given goat's milk a try? Tell us about it!

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