Hey MTHFR, Are You up for the Green Challenge?

Hey MTHFRs, I want to challenge you to incorporate one "green habit" into your daily routine. It's actually not that difficult to pull off, but if you stick with it, you'll reap some great benefits.

I challenge you to do one of two things, every single day:

1) Eat a large salad of leafy greens (no iceberg lettuce plz and thank u)

2) Drink a green smoothie/juice (for smoothies, I stick to a half of a banana to minimize sugar, but still provide flavor/texture)

Do this for 30 days and I can't wait to hear about the improvements you notice in your health! The reason this challenge is so important is because people with the MTHFR mutation desperately need folate (not to be confused with synthetic, man-made folic acid). While I'm a big proponent of supplementing with either methylfolate or folinic acid, nothing beats good ol' fashioned folate straight from God's green Earth. Supplementation should never replace a solid, nutrient-dense diet. It should merely give you a boost and fill in the gaps.

Some of the most popular leafy greens to try:

-Spinach (a staple for green smoothies)


-Swiss chard





-Leaf lettuce

-Collard greens

Do you have a daily "green habit?" Do you think you could take this green challenge? Tell us about it!

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