Hey MTHFR, Harness Your Superpower!

Hey MTHFR, it's time to adjust our mindset and harness the superpower that's been allotted to us! You may be a bit skeptical. After all, the MTHFR mutation isn't typically associated with any kind of special ability. Most of the time, we think of the downsides...an impaired ability to detox, a compromised immune system, a greater susceptibility to autoimmune disease, etc. etc. However, could there be a superpower hidden within these challenges? I absolutely think so!

Try thinking of it this way...we have the superpower of having a heightened response to and perception of toxicity, also known as d-a-n-g-e-r. An individual without this mutation may not perceive that the foods they're consuming and the products they're using are slowly killing them until decades of irreversible damage have been done. Many of us, on the other hand, have experienced serious health events in our youth, due to this heightened response to toxicity. In turn, many of us have been forced to undergo a lifestyle overhaul at a young age. So our superpower provides us with the advantage of having a very sensitive "alarm system" when it comes to danger. If we listen to our bodies and make the appropriate changes, we can live in a health-promoting way that others may not understand until they face repercussions later in life.

However, what kind of superhero only helps themselves? A superpower is meant to be used to help other people. So MTHFRs, we must use our extra sensitive alarm systems to warn others! After all, a toxic lifestyle will catch up with all of us - we just have the superpower of learning this more quickly.

Hey MTHFR, do you see yourself as having a superpower? Tell us about it!

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