It's the Journey

This is a photograph of the backyard of the house that I moved into when I was 6 years old. It’s a country house with lots of open space and fields to explore. When we moved in, the area you’re looking at looked like brush with no trees at all! A couple years later, I noticed these little twig-like things sprouting from the ground amidst the weeds and brush. I remember being so excited and telling my parents over and over that someday we would have a forest in our backyard! They laughed at my childish notion. After 20+ years, it seems I truly did see something in its infancy stage after all. Eight year old me would be absolutely SHOOK right now 🤣⁣

But what if I would‘ve spent the last 20-odd years monitoring and worrying and sitting paralyzed, waiting to see that manifestation I was so anxious to witness? The passing of years may have still turned twigs into trees (or potentially not), but I could lose all of the life in those years of the process. Isn’t this the danger we face with so many things we want to see come to pass in our lives? Especially the things we have little control over. The struggle of infertility and miscarriage particularly comes to mind in this community. ⁣

Maybe you feel like some area of your life looks like the initial tree-less brush I described. Maybe you can’t imagine anything else for your future. I hope this photo and story encourages you. The thing is, unlike trees who have no capacity to worry or to trust, our anxiety, our clinging, our obsession actually have the capacity to choke out the manifestation of what we desire - even on a cellular level. Emotions are powerful. I certainly have my own spiritual beliefs, but I want you to understand that emotions have the power to affect you in a very physical way. Science proves it. I want to invite you to release whatever it may be that is holding you hostage and to trust the journey. It may not take you where you anticipated. The trees that eventually grow may not be exactly what you envisioned. But if you’re rooted in what’s Good, the journey will take you to exactly where you need to be.⁣

Let me know if you’d like to see more of this kind of content from time to time. Health is about so much more than food and vitamins and minerals. In fact, you can do everything “right” but emotions have the power to derail even the best of healthy choices!

Do you relate to this story in your own life? Is there anything you need to let go of and trust the journey? Tell us about it!

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