New Year, New MTHFR!

As we close out the year (and, gasp, the entire decade), I find myself reflecting on the memories and lessons learned during this trip around the sun. Although every year has its share of challenges, it's been a really great growth-filled year. And one of the highlights of 2019 was establishing this community of MTHFRs!

I'm so thankful for all of the comments and DMs I've received that express how Hey MTHFR has impacted lives in a positive way. It's been an absolute pleasure to blog for this community and I'm looking forward to more exciting things ahead. It has also brought me great joy to learn more about many of you and share in your struggles and triumphs. Thank you for helping to make this year a great one!

In all honesty, I've never been one to make New Year resolutions. To me, any day is just as wonderful of an opportunity as the next to make meaningful changes in your life. However, there is something exhilarating about the start of a new year - a clean slate with 365 days of opportunity to shift in an entirely new direction. And this year isn't just any ol' new year. It's the start of a new decade. Even I must admit that there's a particular weight of meaning when the clock strikes midnight.

I want to help you reach your health goals this year, especially as it pertains to having the MTHFR mutation. I want to help you make lasting change in your life, even if you fall off the wagon by January 3rd. It's okay! Every day is a great day to change your life. So what are your goals as you enter the new roaring '20s? What have you been carrying with you for the past year, or even decade, that you're finally ready to shed in the days ahead? What has been holding you back from being the MTHFR you desire to be? Tell us about it!

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