Should a MTHFR Get Ink?

You've cleaned up your diet, amped up your supplements, switched to all organic erry-thang, and made a zillion other health-promoting changes to address your MTHFR mutation. It may seem a bit contradictory to then turn around and inject a bunch of ink under your skin for the sake of self-expression. So should a MTHFR get tattoos?

In my opinion, while I don’t necessarily recommend it, someone with the MTHFR mutation can get tattoos, but there are some specific guidelines that need to be followed. While not injecting ink under your skin will probably always be safer than doing so, not all tattoo ink is created equal. Most commercial tattoo inks contain dangerous carcinogens, including a highly reactive chemical called paraphenylenediamine (PPD). I'm severely allergic to PPD (also commonly found in hair dyes), and I'm guessing many of you may be as well. Thankfully, there are safer options!

Did you know that there are some high quality non-toxic tattoo ink companies out there? I currently do not have any tattoos, but I'm thinking about possibly getting a few in the future. If I do, I will certainly go this route. What are these non-toxic tattoo ink brands, you're probably wondering? Some of the most popular include:

-National Tattoo Supply


-Skin Candy


-Kuro Sumi

It may be a bit of a challenge to find the right tattoo artist who also carries one of these brands, but it's totally worth the extra hassle if you do insist on taking the plunge with this personal decision.

Do you have tattoos? Did you have any allergic reactions or negative health consquences? Do you know any tattoo artists who offer non-toxic ink? Tell us about it!

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