What the MTHFR is a Health Coach Anyway?

Hey MTHFR community! I'm hoping to get some honest feedback from you. I'm going to shoot it to you straight...I'll be receiving my certification as an Integrative Health Coach through Institute for Integrative Nutrition in March and there are some cool and exciting directions this can take me! I know I want to help people make significant and lasting change in their lifestyles that will impact their health and quality of life in ways they never imagined! It's just a matter of sorting out who I'll be working with, in what setting, and in what capacity. That's where I'm looking for your thoughts...

I've loved sharing what I've learned about the MTHFR mutation with all of you for the past year. It's been an incredible joy to learn about your stories and even hear that the information I've been putting out has changed lives for the better! My own health journey has been incredibly difficult at times, and I've come such a long way, so it's been particularly fulfilling to help others in this very manner. This has also been a wonderful growing experience for me! What I would like to know, is how many people in this community could see themselves working with an MTHFR-specific health coach?

By providing your feedback, you are in no way signing up for any type of service. I am simply putting out a "feeler" to see what kind of market could be available. Another primary option is to focus on corporate wellness programs. A benefit to this approach is that I could reach many people who may not have the financial means to hire a health coach. However, I love the idea of working in this niche and offering a service that bears this unique genetic mutation in mind. So what do you think? Would a health coach that specializes in the MTHFR mutation appeal to you? What factors could you see standing in your way (time, money, trust, etc)?

And if you're wondering, what the MTHFR is a health coach anyway?? To sum it up, a health coach uses a variety of holistic strategies to help clients implement long-term behavioral change that leads to a healthier lifestyle. Health coaches take information and help clients transform it into implementation and transformation. To break it down a bit further:

Some things health coaches DON'T do for clients:


-Treat disease

-Prescribe medication

-Order/interpret blood work

-Put clients on strict diets/exercise programs that may pose danger

-Put clients on diets that count calories or macronutrients (protein, fat, carbs)

-Treat eating disorders

Some things health coaches DO for/with clients:

-Turn information into implementation and transformation (we live in an age of information overload - it's implementation that leads to results)

-Address the health of all areas of your life in a holistic manner - diet, exercise, career, relationships, spirituality, etc.

-Offer suggestions for supplements to run past your doctor

-Offer strategies to implement a lifestyle of gentle detox

-Break through personal barriers to success

-Counsel through emotional blocks that do not require the attention of a licensed therapist

-Become in tune with the body and its innate intelligence

-And in this case, address the client holistically, with the MTHFR mutation in mind

So tell me what you think! Could you see yourself working with an MTHFR health coach? What factors would stop you? Have you ever worked with a health coach in the past? What was your experience like? Tell us about it!

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