The Simplest MTHFR Hack

Some of the advice to manage the MTHFR mutation can be a bit...complicated. We can all use some simplicity in our lives from time to time and this super helpful tip is about as simple as it gets. It's so simple that it may seem silly to devote a whole blog post to. However, most people don't actually take advantage of this effective hack! What is it, you ask? Squeezing lemon into your water on a daily basis!

This blog places a lot of focus on gentle detox ideas that support the MTHFR mutation and this tip is definitely one of them. Lemon is a powerful liver cleanser. Yet, it is also gentle enough to not knock you on your butt. Will infusing your water with lemon remove serious heavy metal buildup in the body? Probably not. That would require an intense detox program done under the supervision of a naturopathic doctor or functional medicine practitioner. But what it does do is encourage healthy and open detox pathways, which a MTHFR can always use more of. And it's so, so easy to do.

What I like to do is buy a few lemons, slice them, and store them in a glass storage container in the fridge. Then, I simply squeeze a slice into my reusable bottle and throw it in. You can repeat the process each time you refill. This way, you're sipping on a gentle detox beverage throughout the day and barely need to give it a second thought!

Please pay special attention that you do not store your lemon in plastic storage containers, as they contain harmful chemicals that can seep into your food. Likewise, bottled water follows the same concept. It's much healthier to use glass or stainless steel containers. You can read more about this topic at the links above.

Do you infuse your water with lemon on a regular basis? Do you have any other super simple detox hacks to share? Tell us about it!

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